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Fly knife Haul Off Combination Unit

      FKC475 (4.75in capability) Servo Fly knife Cutter Pared to Our PT626        Haul-off 6in with 26in centers

Bushing Design

      The MMI (McDonald Machining Inc) Fly Knife cutter does not allow the bushing to be inserted to the point of contact with the blade. This saves the life of the blade, with quicker and easier setup. Simply install the bushing until it can not be inserted any further and tighten it.

 Operator Usability

     Our fly knife cutter comes preloaded with all of the following functions (Batch Counter, Manual Test Cut, Continuous Cut, Secondary Photo-Eye Function and a Totalizer function). Best of all we use OMRON components, such as a OMRON 7” or a 10" OMRON HMI Touch Screen, PLC, Servo Motor, and Servo Drive. 

      Our combination unit allows the user to set both machines to a predetermined height. This feature allows the haul-off to have one point of adjustment with a handle that simultaneously adjusts both the upper rolls and lower rolls. Very simple process setup.

Product Sizes

      At MMI we have one size, that allows you move it to more products in the future. This feature makes it very diversified. You could be cutting something as small as 1/8” and the next moment you could be cutting product that is 4.75”. It would require a quick bushing change and you’re back in business cutting again.


     MMI uses OMRON as our primary components, which means you could buy the parts locally and we can ship an SD card or USB to get you back up and running. The support is quicker and cheaper, and easier to troubleshoot.

 Horizontal Adjustment

    The MMI cutter has a centreline cutting plane of 40” +4” -0””. This means we have a handwheel crank that allows you easily adjust the cutter closer or further away from the haul-off with the ease. The horizontal movement is 8”. This is all done while the jack bolts are still locked down.


    We produce our own blades, which also allows us to design blades to suit your needs. Give us a hand sketch of what you would like to see and we can produce it. We can make blades same day. Wide selection of materials, Spring steel, Stainless Steel and D2.

Blade Positioning

    MMI has 5 positions that the blade can be mounted to create and axe type cut, or slice cutting action on the product. The more angle of the blade allows more slice. Some materials require greater slicing area than others.

Overall Build Quality

   At McDonald Machining building EDS quality and similar equipment we have learned the flaws of our competition through using their equipment in a production atmosphere. We know their down falls, and the areas that need improving. We’ve modified our cutter to meet the highest production standards. Here is a list of items that we have over the competition;

-Bigger stainless steel fly wheel

-Heavy Duty timing belt

-Improved Safety Circuit for reliability and easier to troubleshoot via HMI touch screen

-More adjustability

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