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new and used plastics manufacturing equipment for the extrusion industry

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     McDonald Machining Inc. has been working in partnership with EDS and has been involved in the manufacture/remanufacture of extruders and downstream equipment in Canada for more than 40 years experience. We specialize in supplying the industry’s need for dependable high performance extruders requiring a minimum of maintenance downtime. We have come to know all the weakness of all the major brand names and how to improve their downfalls. Here at McDonald Machining Inc. we only use the finest industry standard component suppliers during design and assembly. We control all aspects of the machine building process, such as machining, welding, fabrication and electrical is all done internally by our own staff.

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 Key Features

I-Beam Boxed Frame

Our Extruders 2” and up are built from a boxed I-Beam frame design with 6 or more adjustable anti-vibration pad mounts. This design allows the extruder to be easily located on uneven or heaving concrete, and operate with minimal initial setup required.

Gear Box Implementation

Our extruders are constructed with overbuilt name brand gear boxes with as much as 2:1 Service factor with a 2.5 Safety Factor. For example our 3 ½” extruder with a 75Hp BlueMax motor, and the gear box we pair with it is 150Hp continuous use rated gear box with a safety factor of 1.26 that would allow a shock load of 189Hp to sprung on it.

ABB Drives

All of our extruders are outfitted with ABB drives. These drives have proven themselves to be very reliable, easy to setup and easy to maintain. There is wide support for ABB drive across North America should one of our customers require assistance.