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EDS Mdl FKC475 Fly Knife Cutter

 The use of a fly knife cutter over that of another cutting method is determined by a number of factors,

                 - the size of the part - a smaller part will experience grab, movement and a rougher cut due to the size of the cross section of the part relative to the tooth size of a saw blade

                 - the finish length of the part - a shorter section of profile cannot be cut by a saw since it needs time for the cut cycle - the clamping of the part, movement of the table to match part speed, the cutting action of the blade proceeding up thru the part, the blade returning to its rest position below the table level, the release of the part and the return of the table to start position - all of which may take several seconds and depending on line speed of the profile, restricts minimum length of profile  

                 -  the need for a fast & cleaner cut - an alternative to the fly cutter is a guillotine but the downside of this style of unit is that the stroke, usually much slower in getting thru the profile because of the need to stay in front of the profile to move back into rest position, will stop rigid or semi-rigid profile movement enough to cause back-lash thru the takeoff and translating back to the die     

 Key considerations in any good fly knife cutter design is "blade velocity" and ''weight in motion'' - the ability of the cutter to complete the cut is a reflection of the speed of the blade and the inertia it has built into the rotation thru the profile.  By offering a 12 Inch diameter fly wheel, we are cutting the profile with much greater velocity then 4 Inch fly wheels - since the blade, during one rotation must travel faster at this greater diameter to complete the circle in the same time allowance.  The second consideration is weight in motion  - by offering a 3/4 inch thick X 12 inch diameter fly wheel, a 1 1/4 inch diameter shaft, two drive sheaves and imparting acceleration/deceleration with a larger servo motor - we have the weight and inertia behind every blade cut to handle even the toughest of applications.  

Every EDS Fly Knife Cutter comes complete with,

- 4.75 Inch Diameter Bushings with sensors to prevent operation with bushings removed

- Spring Steel Fly Knives with 5 inch cutting surface - 5 position placement to allow modification of slice angles

- 3.0 KW Omron Servo Package including motor and programmable controller/drive - servo motor is isolated from the impacting shock of the cut sequence  thru timing belt drive of the shaft holding the fly wheel.  Shaft is held in place via two pillow block bearing and a shaft mounted sensor tells the servo it home/rest position

- Single knife mounts on 3/4 Inch Thick X 12 Inch diameter stainless steel fly wheel offering significant inertia and weight in motion for those touch cutting jobs or larger parts

- Control Package - soft touch screen with PLC incorporating the following features - Batch Counter (with dry contacts for 110 volt signal output and includes connector kit - typically used to activate box indexer, flapper, etc) to included yellow alarm stack light (giving visual warning of end of run or operation action needed) - Totalizer - Cut sequence can be initiated via Manual Cut Switch, Remote Sensor (limit or infrared switch that is not included) or Wheel Style Counter (included) - Machine can also be run as a continuous cutter with 0-1000 CPM standard and Package Security (when activated, the machine operation can not be modified, only viewed - attempts to modify will result in request for pass code) 

- Non-completion of cut or servo controller critical alarm activates audible/red stack light visual alarm  

- Mounted on height adjustable (42 inch center line +/- 6 inches) and portable base with 4 swivel casters and jack screws.  Cutter assembly has built in lateral movement of 8 inches to get close to the takeoff after initial feed of the profile has been accomplished

- each machine provided with isolation transformer mounted on base to suit desired voltage - wire to disconnect mounted on rear of machine

- painted your choice of colors

 -We also carry a variety of blades in stock and and can manufacture custom blades with a 3 day delivery.  


  3 Axis Movement Style Base Is Standard


Blade Enclosure Is Stainless And Can Double As A Reservoir So Knife Can Pass Thru Cooling Water Or Lubricant During Each Blade Stroke 


 Each Cutter Comes With Isolation Transformer To Suit Your Incoming Voltage - Provides Cleanest Power To Servo System Which Increases Performance Accuracy.  One Foot Per Rotation Wheel With 600 Counts/Rotation Counter Standard With Every Machine To Be Mounted On Takeoff Or, For Greater Accuracy, Directly On Profile


 Fly Wheel Has Several Knife Bolt-on Positions Which Allows The Knife To Be Angled To The Part During Cutting. 


 Fly Wheel Is Driven By Timing Belt Which Isolates The Jarring Impact Of The Blade Cut From The Servo Motor Offering Longer Life To This Critical And Sensitive Component. 


 Soft Touch Screen Controls



 Which, Upon Completion, Activates Amber Alarm Stack Light/Audible Alarm And Sends 110 Volt Signal For Secondary Equipment (Box Indexer, Etc)