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Profile Cooling Tank

-10 ft long - Modified to suit your need for Bulk Heads, Roller Supports, etc

- 12 inch X 12 inch stainless steel tank

- Independent front and rear height and lateral movement with 18 inches of linear movement via spoked wheel and lock

- Collection trays on each end with drains - front is on sliders allowing it to be retracted flush to front face of tank

- Single drain on center of main tank

- Portable base with (4) steel swival casters and (4) 1 1/4 inch jack screws    

- End plates with customer specified bolt pattern or slotted holders to hold customer 'standard' tooling plates

PRICE:            $5,250.00 US

Optional:  14 ft in lieu of above - Add $850.00

Optional:  20 ft In lieu of above - Add $1,200.00

Optional:  Recirculation Package including 4 pass heat exchanger, pump, NEMA 4 starter package and reserviour - Add $2,350.00



 Unit shown is 20 Ft long divided into two 10 ft sections with bottom drains in each - ends are blank as these units are for stock.  Notice 3 axis movement of up/down, sideways and 18 Inch linear.  This unit is a right to left orientation so near side discharge tray is fixed while entry tray is on sliders and capable of going flush to front of machine.